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Make This: Shrinky Dink Silhouette Pendant Necklace

This contributor post was written by Katherine of Making Chicken Salad.

Sometimes I like a simple, inexpensive little craft to be able to sit down with to take a break from a busy day, and this project fits the bill nicely. It breaks down to less than $5 per necklace (depending on how fancy you get with your jewelery supplies–mine came from the craft section at Walmart) and once you have your materials assembled you can have a brand new necklace in 15 minutes or less. I have all of my supplies for this project sorted and stored in a muffin tin, and my son have been pulling it out of the cupboard every day for the past week for quick craft sessions.

Here are the materials you’ll need1. shrinky dink film 2. colored pencils (not water soluable) 3. small hole punch 4. small piece of twine or ribbon 5. necklace chain 6. jump rings and clasp for your necklace 7. needle nose pliers

Here is how you make it:

1. Take a profile photo of your child/husband/wife/dog, or whomever you would use for your necklace with your phone or digital camera. Make sure they are stading against a white or light background in a well-lit area.

2. You will be using your phone or camera screen as a mini mightbox to trace your image. With the rough side of the shrinky dink film facing UP, place it on the screen and gently trace the image outline with a sharp, black pencil. I found this much easier to do with a bit of blue painters tape holding the film in place.

3. Remove the film from your phone and color in your silhouette, and draw a cute little red heart.

4. Cut out your silhouette and heart, leaving a small border around the edge of each image. Punch a small hole near the top of each cutout.

5. Bake the shrinky dinks in a 250 degree (F) oven for approximately four minutes on a foil-lined metal cookie sheet. You will know they are done when they have completely flattened out and the edges are no longer curled. For even baking, place the baking sheet in the oven while it is preheating so that the shrinky dinks are heated evenly on both sides.

6. Remove the shrinky dinks from the oven and let cool while you gather your jewelery making supplies.

7. Attach one of your jump rings to the silhouette pendant, then slip it onto the necklace chain. Loop your twine or ribbon through the heart, then tie it to the pendant charm with a little bow. Finally, attach your final jump rings and clasp to each end of the chain and your project is done!