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I came across a bunch of assorted sizes of embroidery hoops at a yard sale. They were super cheap, so I added a bunch of them to my craft stash. I’ve seen ideas where pretty fabrics are used with the hoops to make wall art. I thought it would be really fun to use Photo Fabric to make a personalized wall art display.

Here are the materials you’ll need

  • embroidery hoops in assorted sizes (I used a 7″, 6″, 5″, 4″ and 3″ hoop)
  • spray paint in your favorite color(s)
  • PhotoFabric
  • image files of pictures you’d like to frame.
  • common crafting supplies: scissors, pencil, double-sided tape, kraft paper

 Here is how you make it:

1. Lay down a piece of kraft paper that is large enough to accommodate all of your hoops. Arrange the hoops so you have a pleasing design. Use a pencil to trace the outside of each hoop onto the kraft paper. Mark a dot on the inside of each cirlce, at the top, where the nail will be. This step will help with hanging the hoops once they are completed.

2. Take the hoops apart. Set up in a well ventilated area to spray paint (I worked outside). You only need to spray paint the outside rings since the inside rings will not be seen. Apply several light coats of spray paint, allowing dry time between each coat, until your rings are completely covered.

3. Select photos and edit the sizes in your photo editing program so they will fit inside their respective hoops. Print the photos onto the PhotoFabric and let dry. Peel the paper backing off the fabric. (Manufacturer directions say to rinse the fabric and then lay flat to dry, but I skipped this step.)

4. Pinch your fabric between the rings of the hoop and tighten the screw to hold the fabric taut.

5. Turn the hoop over and trim the excess fabric. Leave enough fabric to tuck under and adhere to the inside of the ring.

6. Apply a double-sided tape to the inside of the ring. Press the fabric down onto tape to hold in place.

7. Repeat process for all of the hoops.

8. Tape the kraft paper guide from step 1 to the wall where you would like your embroidery hoops to be displayed. Use a hammer and a nail to make a hole in the wall where each hoop will hang. Make the hole at each dot you marked on the paper. Remove the paper once all the holes are made.

9. Hang all your completed hoops and enjoy!