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Nicholas often has to work late at his job. (we’re talking over 12 hour days sometimes!) A couple months ago, he was working late all week and so I made him some encouraging notes, to help through those long nights. It is so funny because a reader, Torrie, actually just commented last Friday about wanting to see some more ‘book of notes’ posts, so this post is for you Torrie! 😉

So unlike the other book I made Nicholas, this one was only one page. I included a couple little notes, a bible verse, a music playlist (that I made him online) and some other misc things.What about you? Is there someone that may need some encouragement in your life? Make them a book of notes! It’s really simple, and lots of fun. You just need paper, and maybe a printer if you want to print anything out. Just let me know if you need any pointers/tips 😉