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So, as you can see, my ceiling fans REALLY needed to be cleaned…YUCK!!! I have one of those special bristled brushes made for fan blades but it just makes the dust go EVERYWHERE. I saw on pinterest that you can use a pillow case but I also sprayed some dusting spray so that it would really look good and so that the dust would cling onto the pillowcase. I was amazed how cleaned it looked…I did the other fans in the house immediately!
I used an old flannel pillowcase I haven’t used in years which worked perfect for this job. I sprayed the inside with Pledge and then I got up onto of my bed and placed the fan blade inside like it was a sock. I kind of was rubbing the p.c. while it was on so that I can get the under side good and around the brackets. Slowly pull off and Ta Da!!! Minimal dust fell down…YAY! I went ahead and washed my linens afterwards just to make sure…sans pillow case of course…haha.