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I had heard that Brooklyn is a city full of artists, but it wasn’t until I explored it firsthand when visiting Amy and Grace earlier this year that I discovered what that means. You can literally see how the old, raw cityscape has inspired an insane amount of creativity among its residents; there are murals, sculptures and art happenings everywhere you turn . . . it’s very cool.

When I visit Brooklyn in the fall for another work trip, I am definitely going to make an effort to consume as much art as possible, and that includes going to see Watertower by artist Tom Fruin. Using locally sourced steel and plexiglass from places like BuildItGreen! (a D*S fave) and old sign shops, Fruin has created an incredible monument to the city of Brooklyn. The tower is lit by the sun during the day, but you can also admire the tower at night when programmed light sequences glow from within. The tower is located on the rooftop of 20 Jay Street; according to the press release, the prime viewing locations are the Brooklyn Bridge Park at Washington Street and the Manhattan Bridge bike path.

We’re headed out to enjoy the weekend and attempt to beat the heat (on both coasts). If anyone gets a chance to view this beautiful artwork in person, I’m demanding a full report on Monday 🙂 You can read the highlights of the week and see more shots of Watertower below. Have a great weekend everyone! — Kate

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights: