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I found these babies on KSL for 30 bucks.  THIRTY.  I didn’t even need two dressers but would have paid thirty for the one on the left so that beauty on the right was just a bonus!

I started off sanding.  Sooooo much sanding.  These dressers had this nasty crackle texture to them.  I wasn’t planning on putting pictures up on the blog so I didn’t take any photos of me wearing my cute face mask.  HA!  It was so beautiful.

After hours and hours of sanding I vacuumed and cleaned the wood with mild soap and water, let it completely dry and applied my primer.  One sloppy coat and I was ready for my paint.

I used the Baer Chic ‘n Pink 110A-3 Palace Rose pink latex paint.  It’s gorgeous.  I couldn’t decide on what color to paint the dresser.  I was debating between pink, white or turquoise.  After hours and hours of weighing my pros and cons I finally went with pink.  I’m sure in a few years it’ll end up white.  But I wanted pink.  I’ve decided you buy what you like right now.  Because if you compromise what you like for what you think will be in style next year… you’ll end up with something you don’t love now and something you won’t love then!

Isn’t it beautiful?!  One of the pulls broke so I had to use a larger one from that second dresser.  It doesn’t match but I wasn’t wanting to spend money on new pulls.  So eh, it’s okay!  But seriously.  This stupid dresser makes me so happy!

My brush strokes were crazy noticeable.  I thought it was because I was just a super slow painter and that it was maybe a little too warm outside.  After the second coat I was really sad with the way it was turning out.  So I finally went to Home Depot and bought some paint thinner.  It helped soooo much!  You can still see brush strokes but it doesn’t totally drive me nuts.  If you are painting anything and your brush strokes are really bad don’t be lazy and just go buy some paint thinner.  I wish I’d started out with it in my paint.  It would have made the dresser a lot easier to paint and a lot nicer to look at.

A few of the drawers were sticking so I went to Amazon and bought some new slides.  I found that these Rockler slides are thin enough to fit the old wooden dressers.  The ones at Home Depot most likely won’t work.  I tried all of them.  I know!  Haha!   These new slides though have made it like a brand new dresser.  I am so excited to get her room all put together when we move!

Wanna see her bedding?  It’s the Kenneth Brown Baby Sweet Stitches.  I got it at TJ Max for $30.00.  What is going on?  I never find good deals like this!

I would have fixed the sheets for you but Savy was sleeping in it.  I know where my priorities are!