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Lovely Design 😉

Today I want to share with you this burlap wreath.  Burlap is SO in right now and I have pretty much nothing made out of burlap in my house so I wanted to make something new and this is what I came up with.
I really hate sewing.  I do it as little as possible, but there is a tiny bit of easy sewing involved.  Just two straight lines.  Okay, I miss counted.  There are actually three.  After that you can put your sewing machine away for the rest of the project.
Here’s what I used for this project:
  • Styrofoam wreath
  • 2 1/2 yards Burlap
  • muslin
  • ribbon
  • safelty pin
  • 2 straight pins
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • felt
  • wooden skewers
Start with a piece of burlap that is 2 1/2 yards long X 20″ wide.
Fold the burlap in half lengthwise outsides together. (I say that, but I really do not think there is a right and a wrong side to burlap.) and sew a seam in about 5/8 “.  Turn right sides out.
Measure 1″ in and sew a strait seam.
Measure 4″ from your seam and sew a new straight seam.
You’re done sewing!  YAY!!!

I used a Styrofoam wreath that I bought at Walmart, but use what you have.  As long as you can slip your burlap around it, it will work.  I cut a slit in the wreath so I would have an opening to enable me to slide the burlap on.  My wreath ended up snapping in half, but it was easy to fix.  I’ll show you in a second.

Slide the wreath into the little pocket you made in your burlap.
When you get to the end.  push pieces of a wooden skewer (about 2″ or 3″ long) into the Styrofoam. Stick them in deeper than mine are in the picture.  You need to be able to get the other end on it.  Put a glob of hot glue or quick drying craft glue onto the end of your Styrofoam and push the ends of the wreath together using the wood skewers to hold them together.  Wrap the Styrofoams seam with duck tape.  My wreath had broken in half so I did this on each section.  Wrap your burlap ends under and secure with straight pins.  Hide the pins so they don’t show.
I cut a felt circle base for each muslin flower I made.  They are not going to show so don’t be too fussy. I just folded the felt in half and cut a half circle on the fold.
Using the original fold in the muslin I cut strips of Muslin (about 6″ wide) across the fabric.  I just eyeballed it.  You want some slightly bigger and some slightly smaller so you’ll have various sized flowers.  Cut as many as you want.  I don’ even know how much I used.  I just kept making flowers till I liked the way my wreath looked.
Run a gathering stitch up the middle of each strip (Sorry – I guess this is sewing so I kinda lied, but it’s quick and easy.)  Gather each strip.  One half will become the outside of your flower, the other half will become the inside.  If there is a bigger half, use that as your outside.Kind of flip the bottom half up around the top half.  pinch it together and glue it to one of your felt circles.
Start gluing your flowers onto your wreath.  For the most part I put the bifger flowers in the middle and kind of tapered the edges.  You don’t have to do it exactly like I did.  Just do what looks good to you.

I finished the wreath off by adding three bows.

Here’s how I made the bows.

Wrap bow with wire, then wrap knot around bow and secure with hot glue.  I used three diffent kinds of ribbon and mede them differe slightly in size using the biggest bow first so they would gradually taper.
I added the letter “B” that I made with my Cricut using several layers of cardboard from cereal boxes.  If you want to add a letter and you don’t have a Cricut you can cut the layer by hand or you can buy cute letters at the craft store and cover them with patterned paper or paint. 

I meant to hang this in the house, but needed a wreath for the front door so I hung it there.  I have received SO many compliments on it.