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How to make a bridal inspired ribbon pearl bracelet.

What you will need.
Ribbon, beads, jump rings, clasp, caps, fishing line or beading thread, scissors,pencil, adhesive, needle and measuring tape.You may need to make adjustments depending on the size of beads you are using.
I used caps and added chain to my bracelets but you can just use the ribbon it you like.

1. With your pencil, mark every inch with a dot on the ribbon.
2. Thread your needle with wire.
3. Tie a knot around a jump ring with the wire.
4. Thread on the cap charm.
5. Start threading the ribbon after the cap is in place, add some adhesive to the ribbon and cap so they stick.
6. Start treading on the beads and dots on the ribbon, wrap the ribbon around the front and back of every other bead as pictured above. You can add a little adhesive on the sides of the beads
7. Place cap on the end with some adhesive.
8. Tie a knot around another jump ring.
9. Trim the wire and any extra ribbon that the cap isn’t hiding.
10. Connect as many jump rings to one side and the clasp on the other until you are happy with the size of the bracelet & you are done!
 BEE – YOO – TEE – FUL ❤